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5 March 2021 - 12 March 2021
Turku, Finland
TechTurku Week 2021

Wednesday 10.3.
Smart & Wise Cities

Our Mayor Minna Arve opens the day and will tell us how City of Turku has achieved the 7th  most innovative city in a world ranking.
Following the Mayor’s opening, today’s presentations are dedicated to Smart CIty Solutions. Our international speaker Thomas Kallestenius, CEO at LIST, tells us how the Luxembourg city digital twin benefits local economy and how it will evolve. You will also hear an example from our own city Turku, how the open city data is being used in creating better services.  

Drop by to our 360 degrees platform, to the locations in which we would have organized the week as a physical event. 

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Women in Tech Breakfast is organized on 9th, 10th and 12th.
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Deep Tech

Minna Karhu

Moderator: Minna Karhu
Turku Science Park Ltd

9.00 – 

Minna Arve

Smart & Wise Turku
Minna Arve
Mayor, City of Turku
Two years ago Turku was ranked as the 7th most innovative town in the world. We will hear what has happened since then and what is ahead.

Contemporary research topics on urban data streams

Jaakko Järvi
Professor, Software Engineering
Dean of Faculty of Technology
University of Turku

Leo Lahti
Associate professor and academy research fellow, Department of Computing
University of Turku

Lahti's field is data science and computational humanities. His research focuses on quantitative models of complex natural and social systems.

In this presentation, we will consider contemporary open data science research topics with a particular focus on smart cities and evidence-based decision making. We will also discuss how agile technology development could be complemented by promoting a holistic multidisciplinary dialogue.


End of Session

B2B Matchmaking

10.45 – 11.45

Practical examples

Minna Karhu

Moderator: Minna Karhu
Turku Science Park Ltd

12.00 –

Timo Toivoniemi
Älykäs tilannekuvan muodostaminen ja analysointi

Timo Toivoniemi, Tuotepäällikkö
Brighthouse Intelligence Oy
Kokeiluja, teknologia kehitystä ja tulevaisuuden käyttökohteita SmartBox järjestelmän avulla

Juha Pulmuranta
Smart parking in City of Turku - opportunities for co-innovation

Juha Pulmuranta and Teemu Peltonen
City of Turku

Nikolas Salomaa
Toriparkki, the world's biggest solar thermal system and seasonal heat storage

Nikolas Salomaa
NollaE Oy

Saku Hautala

Turkuawakens ja Turusta perkule!-kampanjan lanseeraus
Saku Hautala, Qalmari Oy

Lähes 100 ICT-yrityksen yhteenliittymällä kunnianhimoiset tavoitteet.

Miksi yhteisö on perustettu ja mihin pyrimme? Miten mukaan?

13.30End of session

B2B Matchmaking

14.00 – 14.30

International arena

Michael Lindholm

Moderator: Michael Lindholm
Network Manager
Turku Science Park Ltd

15.00 -

Jussi Vira

Data-driven development of sustainable smart cities - nBridges 
Jussi Vira, CEO
Turku City Data

A complete Luxembourg city digital twin
Thomas Kallstenius, CEO
Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology
Thomas prior work has been as the director for the Belgian research institute imec’s R&I program and vice president for research and innovation at iMinds. Strategic work with distributed AI and HPC are some of the prior tech experience.
Antti Vasanen
Lounaistieto - A regional data source

Antti Vasanen
Head of Information Services at Regional Council of Southwest Finland
Panel discussion
Building data driven digital twins requires data from different resources. 


End of session

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